Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pesto Making Day

I couldn't resist. My first crop of basil is ready. I planted lots of basil this year in order to make pesto sauce. The amount of pesto sauce I put up last year hardly lasted through the summer. I put in 10 plants a while ago and they are ready to harvest.

I spent the morning in the kitchen. The basil yielding 12 two ounce containers of pesto sauce. They are all sitting on the top shelf of freezer. Yum!

It's time to transplant my new basil seedlings into the garden for second harvest.


  1. Janie!!! where is the recipe????

  2. still waiting for the recipe....

  3. Here’s the recipe:

    I freeze it so I don’t add the cheese until ready to use it. I used a mix of pine nuts and walnuts because pine nuts are SO expensive.
    Also no need to heat it up when ready to use. Get to room temp and mix it well with pasta noodles. Use about a tablespoon for each person. It doesn’t take a lot of sauce. Adding it to hot noodles is all it needs. YUM!

  4. Hi Aunt Janie! I looovee that you do this too! Another secret is to freeze it in an ice cube tray so that you can pop one out per person rather than thawing out the whole thing. Yum yum! Loving your blog!