Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

I'm back from Alaska. The trip was awe inspiring. If I were a few decades younger, I would love to raise a family there. It has retain small town pleasantries and hospitality. Not to mention the countryside is beautiful. We were in and near Anchorage so the temperature was very moderate.

Back in North Carolina, we are having the most snow of any winter I've experience since I was a child. Big snow storms arrived in December and January. Last week, ice and sleet. . . today snow again. Everything looks magical with it white blanket of snow tonight.

I'm venturing out a bit by weaving something more complex. I'm using an 8/2 cotton as warp and weft to try out a dishtowel pattern. The tie-up in not a straight draw. That is completely new to me. I'm struggling a bit. It feels good though to stretch my knowledge base and skills. It may take me many days to this one 'warped up.'