Monday, August 30, 2010

New Look

I've been playing around with the page design a bit. I think I improved the page.

I haven't added to this blog since May. That's not good. But I have been busy creating stuff.

 I was gung-ho weaving place mats. I learned to warp my loom using sectional beaming. The first time took me three days. The second time took me a day and a half. Maybe next warp will be less than a day.

Unfortunately, the thing that 'did my back in' was tying on the second warp to the first.  I stubbornly refused to remove the back beam and bent over it for over two hours. BIG MISTAKE. The back seemed better after a day or two.  Then I decided to refinish a table. Another big mistake. Sometimes I'm pretty clueless to what my body is trying to tell me. Now I have my dining room table on our screen porch half refinished and guests coming for a dinner party next Saturday. O well, we'll adjust.
I'l take some pictures soon of my weaving and post them.

It is amazing what I can catch up on while I'm "laid up."  Delinquent blogs are a good start.