Monday, February 27, 2012

Continuing Saga: Organizing MY STUFF

In my quest to ‘have a place for everything and everything in its place’ I stumbled upon the cutest mannequin holders.  

I was delighted to find these on Amazon. (I’m a huge fan of Amazon Prime!! free shipping!) No they didn’t pay me to write that. We live ‘in the middle of nowhere’ and getting materials and supplies for my many projects is a BIG DEAL.  We have a 40-60 minute drive to any commercial area.

I have a love of mannequins, especially the metal ones. I have two mannequins in my studio for displaying my work.

I’ve named her Queen Betty.
She does a lovely job of displaying my belts and scarves. All but the scarf on the right are my woven creations.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jam Labels

Maybe I’m weird but I like labels. P-touch machines have changed my life.  So it’s no wonder that I LOVE this new site, The Jam Labelizer, where you can create and print your own labels for your culinary delights.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Another restart. Doesn’t ‘restart’ explain my way of life?

Starting again. Not a new beginning. I’ve already been born and have reinvented myself a couple of times. Let’s just call it a new chapter.

My occasional postings will remain occasional. My life is as busy as ever. My health is the best it has been for ‘as long as I can remember.’ Yippeee!

Today I need to post a couple of pictures that I want to add to my Pinterest account. If you haven’t discover Pinterest yet, do so immediately. It is now my biggest time devouring computer activity. I enjoy seeing what other creative people have found on the web. It is so cool.

Recently, I decided to dive into my jumble of a jewelry drawer.  I searched Pinterest for ideas for how to organize and store my jewelry. There were lots of ideas from using the tines of a garden rake to buying expensive hanging  jewelry cabinets.  I liked the idea of using the new ’S’ shower hoods on a towel rack. I think I first saw this on my daughter in law’s site.  Thanks Katie. BTW She has great blog called The Bell Abode.

I had put a towel rack in my closet when we first move in. It had a chip in the enamel  and therefore couldn’t use in the bathroom. I never really used it much. After a quick trip to Lowes for the ’S’ hooks and Voila! my necklaces are sitting pretty.