Friday, February 24, 2012

Another restart. Doesn’t ‘restart’ explain my way of life?

Starting again. Not a new beginning. I’ve already been born and have reinvented myself a couple of times. Let’s just call it a new chapter.

My occasional postings will remain occasional. My life is as busy as ever. My health is the best it has been for ‘as long as I can remember.’ Yippeee!

Today I need to post a couple of pictures that I want to add to my Pinterest account. If you haven’t discover Pinterest yet, do so immediately. It is now my biggest time devouring computer activity. I enjoy seeing what other creative people have found on the web. It is so cool.

Recently, I decided to dive into my jumble of a jewelry drawer.  I searched Pinterest for ideas for how to organize and store my jewelry. There were lots of ideas from using the tines of a garden rake to buying expensive hanging  jewelry cabinets.  I liked the idea of using the new ’S’ shower hoods on a towel rack. I think I first saw this on my daughter in law’s site.  Thanks Katie. BTW She has great blog called The Bell Abode.

I had put a towel rack in my closet when we first move in. It had a chip in the enamel  and therefore couldn’t use in the bathroom. I never really used it much. After a quick trip to Lowes for the ’S’ hooks and Voila! my necklaces are sitting pretty.

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