Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Doubleweave Workshop

A while back, I attended Jennifer Moore's Doubleweave Workshop that was sponsored by the Triangle Weavers Guild in Chapel Hill, NC. I was fortunate that they allowed me to attend since I am not a member.  What a great bunch! I enjoyed every moment of the workshop. Jennifer is an outstanding teacher. She was patient with people like me who are fairly new to this weaving gig and she knew exactly how to make complex problems have simple solutions. I could also tell that she could challenge those weavers who were experts themselves.
Thank you Triangle Weavers for including me in the workshop. I wish I lived closer so I could join. You have an awesome guild.

Jennifer Moore

Some of Jennifer's work


  1. Wow-I love Jennifer's work! That must have been a great workshop to be a part of.

  2. thanks for your comment, Judy. Jennifer's system of doing Doubleweave is wonderful.