Monday, May 31, 2010

Pulled rugs off of loom today

Oh man, I love the dopamine rush I get when I finish a project.
Lookee lookee, I have two new rugs.

The first on was previously posted while it was still on the loom. My husband likes it so much he wants it in our kitchen.

The second one used the same warp as the first. The weft was from old T-shirts. My youngest recently sorted through his clothes and discarded lots of T-shirts. Before I sent the clothes to Shepherd's Care, I picked out things I could 1) cut up for making rugs or 2) wear myself. It is a delight to get hand-me-downs from my kids!

I like them both. I especially like recycling old clothing.


  1. yep, I definitely like hand-me-downs and gifts-off-the-loom.

  2. Love them! I am bringing you a box of fabric!!