Sunday, April 3, 2011

Whew! that was quite a long break.

Just as I was gearing up to be a more consistent writer on my blog, Life happened. I still don't know exactly what pulled me away. But I hope we can assume I'm back.  Time will tell.

I and the family have a great vacation over Christmas break. I had my first cruise. I loved it.  There was plenty for all the kids (who are all adults now) to do, good food and beautiful sunshine and scenery in the Caribbean.

Yes we took a lot of pictures (even pictures of us taking pictures)

During my hiatus from my blog. my niece had a wedding shower. Isn't she a darling bride to be?

I did do some sewing/fiber stuff too but didn't take many pictures (maybe I was overwhelmed sorting through the vacation pictures). 
I made table toppers for my niece's upcoming wedding out of this dynamite blue/green/brown paisley fabric.

And completed a place mat or two out of cotton broadcloth.

So I'm back. Sorry it took me so long.

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