Monday, September 13, 2010


I spent the weekend dyeing roving. I LOVE color. I am very fortunate to have a friend who gave me wool when she sheared her sheep.
I'm trying to train my eyes to learn subtle variations in color. It has been so much fun. I even enjoyed watching NFL football yesterday. The variety of colors, hues and tone that come out of the TV during a football game is amazing.

My first batch - spring-green dark to light
Then I wanted to play around with color combinations.
 I did handpainting  on 2-4 oz at a time.

All rolled up and ready to spin!

Let me know what you think of it. I had so much fun!


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful dyeing afternoon! Great colors!

  2. Thanks you all! Judy, your recent dyeing is awesome.

  3. Seeing all those colors is so inspirational, Janie! It's like the blank notebooks and fresh pens and pencils at the beginning of the school year... you know what I mean?!

  4. well said Amy. I agree. I'm enjoying the new year experience.