Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring, New Beginnings

During my current allergy induced home captivity, I enjoy the beautiful weather from inside my house. The pollen counts are off the charts this year. My inability to get outside and garden has the side benefit of allowing me to work on some neglected projects.

Yesterday, I began a mini-purse project. I found the pattern recently on my travels to Alaska. There is nothing Alaskan about the pattern. I found it in a great quilt store in Anchorage. It is just what I was looking for, small size and lots of pockets.

Who doesn't love pocket-books? I prefer to carry only the essentials in as small a container as possible. Large handbags tend to accumulate stuff. Digging around to find my wallet in a sea of left-over receipts, hairbrushes and computer cords is a nuisance.

I am using some left over fabric given to me by my sister in law Amy. She is an incredible quilter and artist. I wish I had a quarter of her talent and skill. The fabric is from Mark Lipinski's fabric line. Here are the pieces cut out and backed with interfacing.


  1. I was gonna say I recognize that fabric!! Impossible to find anymore. Have fun!

  2. PS. And the problem with large purses is that your spouse tends to think they were meant to hold THEIR stuff as well as yours. But they don't offer to carry the purse themselves ;)

  3. those blues look like you! pockets are great because they can somewhat restrict the quantity of junk you stuff in a purse. i look forward to seeing the finished product